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We have two options available for shipping. Royal Mail 2nd class (3-5 working days) or 24-48 hour UPS Tracked delivery.


We can only guarantee same day dispatch if your order is placed before 11am. Any orders placed after 11am may not be dispatched until the following working day.

If you place your order after 11am on a Friday, it will not be dispatched until Monday as that's the next working day.

We aim to deliver all orders as quickly as possible. Delivery times stated on the website are in no way a guarantee and are based on approximations. This is due to third party factors, that may cause delays.


If you believe your order is damaged or incorrect you must contact us within 48 hours of receiving your delivery. You must provide us with photographs of the goods that are damaged or incorrect. Otherwise we will not be able to provide a refund. 


We are happy to accept and provide refunds for any unopened items within 14 days of delivery for the following types of products:

• Drinks

• American Candy

• Australian Chocolate

• Mega Kinder boxes


We are not able to accept any returns for Pick n Mix sweet boxes/bags. 


We do not provide refunds for damaged or dented pizza boxes. These boxes are there to protect the sweets inside them, which themselves are inside a cellophane covering. 


For any refund/return requests, please contact


- Credit Cards :

VISA, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, JCB, Diners.

- Debit Cards :

VISA, MasterCard.


  • Where can I buy pick and mix online?
    Sugar Rush Sweeties stock an extensive range of Pick n Mix sweets, including timeless classics like Haribo, Rhubarb and Custards and Blackjacks. We stock tailored boxes to suit individual tastes, such as our Fizzy Mix Box, and even cater to a variety of dietary requirements, including vegan, gluten-free and Halal. There’s something for everyone here at Sugar Rush Sweeties.
  • Why should I use online sweet shops?
    Online sweet shops like Sugar Rush Sweeties make it a priority to keep up with the latest trends in the candy world, as well as granting you access to all of your old favourites that you haven’t seen in years, such as classic Pick n Mix sweets. They also provide you with the convenience of being able to order sweets from the comfort of your own home, and have them delivered straight to your door. What’s more, many online sweet shops offer subscription services, meaning that you only have to make one order and you’ll automatically receive a new box each month. Your sweets will arrive neatly packaged, adding that touch of luxury that you expect from a quality product and making plain paper bags a thing of the past.
  • How much does a mystery sweet box subscription cost?
    Mystery sweet box subscriptions from Sugar Rush Sweeties are available in three different tiers: Bronze, Silver and Gold. Subscriptions range from £13.99 to £30 in price depending on your chosen size. Your box will be shipped to you after payment every month, and we use UPS Tracked delivery which will arrive in approximately 1-2 working days. For more information about what is included in each box and how to purchase, please click here.
  • What can I expect to receive in an American sweet box?
    American sweet boxes from Sugar Rush Sweeties feature selections from our imported goods section. Choose between £15, £20 and £25 boxes, and our team will pick a random assortment of items from our wide range of American candy, snacks and drinks. From Jolly Ranchers to Hershey’s and Fanta Berry, no two of our mystery American candy hampers are the same.
  • What are the most popular pick and mix sweets?
    Everyone has different tastes when it comes to sweets, but it’s safe to say that there are a few Pick n Mix that have gone down in history as fan favourites. At Sugar Rush Sweeties, we aim to offer our customers the most popular Pick n Mix sweets on the market. Our Pick n Mix collection ranges from old school classics such as Black Jacks, Fruit Salads, Kola Cubes and Pear Drops, to some more recent favourites, including Watermelon Slices, Tongue Painters and Jelly Filled Brains.
  • How long does it take to deliver a birthday sweet box?
    At Sugar Rush Sweeties, we have two options available for shipping: Royal Mail 2nd Class (3-5 working days) or 24-28 Hour UPS Tracked delivery. If you place your order before 11am, we can guarantee same-day delivery. We aim to deliver all of our orders as quickly as possible.
  • Do Sugar Rush Sweeties stock Haribo sweets?
    Sugar Rush Sweeties’ stock an extensive Haribo collection, featuring timeless classics like Fried Eggs, Love Hearts, Cola Bottles, Fizzy Cherries, Jelly Babies, Gummy Bears, Strawbs and much more. Our 1kg Haribo Box features a random assortment of our entire Haribo range.
  • Can you still buy Black Jacks?
    Despite going through various packaging rebrands, Black Jacks are still available to buy from Sugar Rush Sweeties in their current design. They can be found in our Classic Pick n Mix boxes and Build Your Own boxes. They are also vegetarian.
  • Do Haribo Strawbs contain gelatine?
    Although a lot of Haribo sweets contain pork or beef gelatine, which makes them unsuitable for vegetarians and vegans, Haribo Giant Strawbs are amongst the few that are gelatine-free. Other vegetarian-friendly Haribo sweets include Freaky Fish, Rainbow Twists and Rotellas - all available for purchase from Sugar Rush Sweeties. What’s more, we stock vegetarian and vegan versions of many Haribo classics, including Cola Bottles, Cherries, Jelly Babies and more.
  • Where can I buy vegetarian sweets in the UK?
    Sugar Rush Sweeties stock an extensive collection of vegetarian sweets. We aim to supply vegetarian alternatives to Pick n Mix classics, including Vegan Cherries, Vegan Strawbs and Vegan Cherry Colas, as well as some modern vegetarian favourites such as Tongue Painters and Melon Slices.
  • What are vegan sweets made of?
    Vegan sweets are typically made through the use of plant-based alternatives to gelatine, such as agar agar, carrageenan and vega gel, as well as fruit, sugars and syrups. The vegan collection at Sugar Rush Sweeties grants our vegan customers access to alternatives Pick and Mix classics that typically aren’t suitable for a plant-based diet, such as Cola Bottles, Cherries and Strawbs. We also supply vegan versions of modern classics, including Tongue Painters, Bubblegum Mermaids and Banana & Caramel Bubs.
  • Which American drinks are imported to the UK?
    At Sugar Rush Sweeties, we import popular American drinks such as Fanta Berry, Bites Soda and Warheads Sour Soda and stock them for fantastic prices. We are always on the hunt for new and exciting flavours to bring to our UK customers from across the pond.
  • Can you get Fanta Berry in the UK?
    Fanta Berry is available to buy in the UK from Sugar Rush Sweeties for the great price of £2.25. This brightly coloured, berry-flavoured classic American soda is bound to thrill soda fans of all ages. You can find it in our Imported Goods section, alongside our full range of American candy, snacks and drinks.
  • What are some of the most popular American snacks?
    Some of the most popular American candy and snacks include Hershey’s, Jolly Ranchers, Warheads, Takis, Milk Duds, Sour Patch Kids, Rainbow Nerds, Lays, Gobstoppers and Swedish Fish. All of these snacks and more are available to buy from Sugar Rush Sweetie’s Imported section.
  • Which sweet boxes contain tongue painters?
    At Sugar Rush Sweeties, Tongue Painters feature in a wide variety of our sweet boxes, including our Classic Pick n Mix Boxes, Happy Birthday Boxes, Half Fizzy/Half Non-Fizzy Boxes, as well as our Vegetarian and Vegan boxes.
  • Covid Precautions
    Keeping our staff and customers safe is our main priority here at Sugar Rush Sweeties. Therefore, we follow all the necessary precautions and government guidelines in order to keep everyone safe. A few of these precautions include: staff wearing masks while packing website orders, staff members working 2m apart, sanitizing work stations daily and all staff wearing gloves whilst handing our sweets.
  • How do i place an order?
    First you need to decide what you would like to purchase. Scroll through our Pick & Mix and Imported Candy page until you find what you are looking for. Simply click the 'add to cart button' to add it to your basket along with anything else you would like. Please note some products may require you to fill in the description box to complete your order. For example, if you are ordering a Custom Pick & Mix Box you will need to list the sweets you would like it to include in the description box. If you are unsure on what sweets you are wanting or the names of some sweets, visit our collection page on the website which shows pictures and the names of all the sweets we currently have available. Once you have added your items to the basket, all you need to do is press checkout and follow the necessary steps to complete your purchase!
  • Can i change the delivery address?
    If you realise you have made a mistake with the shipping address, you must contact us via email or phone within 2 hours. 07531584666
  • What if a product is out of stock?
    As we are always busy bee's here at Sugar Rush, some products may become unavailable. If a sweet is out of stock that you have chosen, we will either replace it with something extremely similar or we will make the weight up with your other chosen sweets. If more than 3 sweets that you have chosen are out of stock then we will contact you to arrange an alternative.
  • Will you dispatch my order the same day?
    We will dispatch your order the same day if placed before 11am. Any orders placed after 11am will be dispatched the following day.
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