Cusomise this platter with 7 sweets of your choice. Also, includes a lid for those who would prefer to savour their sweets!


Choose 7 sweets from the following:

Haribo Rainbow Twists
Haribo Giant Colas
Haribo Rotella
Haribo Yellow Belly Snakes
Haribo Giant Strawbs
Haribo Happy Cherries
Haribo Bear Buddies
Haribo Teddy Bears
Haribo Heart Throbs
Haribo Cola Bottles
Haribo Fried Eggs
Haribo Terrific Turtles
Haribo Rhubarb and Custards
Haribo Mini Jelly Babies
Haribo Friendship Rings

Haribo Freaky Fish
Haribo Fizzy Giant Dummies
Haribo Fizzy Happy Cherries
Lemon Bon Bons
Apple Bon Bons
Blue Raspberry Bon Bons

Strawberry Bon Bons

Bubblegum Bon Bons
Strawberry Twist Kisses
Foam Bananas

Foam Shrimps

Foam Strawbs
Fizzy Dummies
Blue Rocketz
Mini Strawberry Pencils

Mini Fizzy Strawberry Pencils
Rainbow Bites
Fizzy Mix
Bubblegum Bottles
Fizzy Cola Bottles
Fizzy Cherry Colas
Fizzy Strawbs
Fizzy Watermelons

Mini Fizzy Watermelons
Pina Coladas
Sour Candy Shocks
Super Sour Worms

Mini Fizzy Blue Raspberry Bottles

Fizzy Jelly Snakes

Jelly Brains

Fizzy Peach Rings (out of stock)

Fizzy Blackcurrant Rings

Fizzy Multicoloured Liquorice Bricks

Watermelon Slices

Swirly Fish

Jelly Filled Turtles

Blue Dolphins

Dracula Teeth

Tongue Painters

Strawberry Liquorice Twists

Blue raspberry Liquroice Twists

Kola Cubes

Sour Apple Cubes

Pineapple Cubes

Bubblegum Mermaids

Apple Pencils

Strawberry Pencils


Chocolate Jazzies

Jelly Worms

Giant Red Lips

Gummy Burgers

Sour Apples

Multicoloured Striped Mini Pencils


Jelly Filled Skulls

Jelly Sharks


Fruit Salads

Black Jacks


Fizzy Bears

Fizzy Dracula Teeth

Baby Dolphins

White Chocolate Snowies

Pink & White Mice

Foam Strawberries

Jelly Filled Snails

Fizzy Chips

Rainbow Berries

Candy Poles

Strawberries & Cream Strawbs

Strawberry Milkshakes


Strawberry Planks

1kg Sweetie Sharing Platter

  • - Packed in a factory that also supplies nut based products

    - Some products not suitable for vegetarian / halal, please see specific vegetarian / halal products 

    - This product contains gluten

  • No returns unless the wrong item is received. Proof will also be required.

    All order disputes need to be made within 4 weeks of purchase.