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Bubble Rubblez are a delectable treat designed with bubblegum fans in mind. These bubblegum nuggets are mouth-wateringly fruity and they even manage to retain their tasty flavours after hundreds of chews.


Whether you’re wanting to blow epic bubbles or have something to chew on during the day, Bubble Rubblez are the bubblegum for you. Rubble Rubblez are available from Sugar Rush Sweeties in in three delightful flavours, Watermelon, Blue Raspberry, and Strawberry. They make for the ideal chewy, fruity snack.


You’ll be forever blowing bubbles with Bubble Rubblez, a bubblegum that can be enjoyed by childrens of all ages - and adults too! Order these delicious bubblegum nuggets today from Sugar Rush Sweeties.

Bubble Rubblez

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