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Squeeze and chew! That’s all it takes to enjoy Juicy Drop Chews’ sweet and sour mix of flavourings. Both kids and adults alike will deeply savour Juicy Drop Chews’ fruity sharpness of taste. Juicy Drop Chews are customisable too. The satisfying sweet chews are accompanied by a super-duper sour gel pen, which you can apply to enhance the taste for the ultimate flavour combination.


The only choice you have left is the flavour. You can mix and match the flavour of your chews and sour gel pen; available is either a raspberry pen with strawberry chews or a strawberry pen with raspberry chews. These flavour combinations have been tried and tested, resulting in the most mouth-watering sharp sweetness imaginable.


Get your Juicy Drop Chews today from Sugar Rush Sweeties.

Juicy Drop Chews With Sour Gel

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