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With an increasing amount of people in the UK becoming vegetarian, we try our best to have the most diverse range of vegetarian sweets. We offer vegetarian sweets from many different manufacturers. Some of the favourites from Haribo are Giant Strawbs, Rotella and Freaky Fish. Alternatively, favourites from Kingsway are Fizzy Strawbs, Meerkats and Tongue Painters. It’s not only just vegetarians that enjoy these sweets, many people love the texture that vegetarian sweets offer as it unique from the non-vegetarian alternatives! They have a harder chew compared to a normal jelly sweet, which many people love.


We currently have over 35 different vegetarian sweets available to choose from. When building your own custom 1kg box or bag, you can see which sweets are vegetarian as they are labelled (V) after the name of the sweet. If you don’t know what you’d like to choose, you can select the 1kg Vegetarian Resealable Bag. This has a mixture of all the vegetarian sweets we have in stock at that time. We also have a vegan range of sweets available. There are around 15+ vegan sweets in our collection at the moment. Similarly these are labelled (V*) when building your own 1kg box or bag.

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