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One of the main aims of our business is to offer the customer the biggest range of sweets possible from one place. This means there is always something for everyone. Our Pick n Mix collection ranges from old school classics such as Kola Cubes & Pear drops to some of the more recent pick n mix sweets such as Watermelon Slices, Tongue Painters and Jelly Filled Brains.

The number of sweets in our collection is constantly increasing, we currently have 120+ sweets available. Our most popular box is our Classic Pick n Mix. This usually has a mixture of 75+ different types of sweets included. These are available in 2kg, 1kg and 550g boxes. This is definitely the best thing to order if you’re unsure of what you’d like.


We also offer different colour themed boxes such as Red, Blue or Green boxes and regularly bring out seasonal themed boxes such as Christmas, Valentine’s and Easter boxes. We can cater specifically for any dietary needs such as vegetarian, vegan, halal or gluten free. We wouldn’t want anybody not to be able to enjoy a box of Sugar Rush Sweeties in their life!

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